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Week 2 - From The Margin:
A Lenten Experience of The Saint John’s Bible

Reflect with "Moments of Beauty" or Visio Divina

Posted March 10, 2022 in Religious Institutions

“Moment of Beauty” Week 2: Elisha and the Six Miracles: Based on 2 Kings 4-6, Donald Jackson and Aidan Hart illuminate Elisha–dressed in the green robes of a priest–foreshadowing Jesus’s own miracles pf providing people’s essential needs: food, drink, healing, wholeness.


For an additional “Margin” experience:

“Visio Divina” Week 2: Calming of the Storm: This contemplative reading of Matthew 8:23-27, punctuated by prayerful silences in six movements, draws upon Suzanne Moore’s dream-like illumination of Jesus Calming the Storm.


Thank you to Karen E. Eifler, Ph.D., Director, Garaventa Center for Catholic Intellectual Life & American Culture, Professor of Education, University of Portland, Portland, Oregon, USA, for the use of the Moments of Beauty and Visio Divina videos. Used by permission. All rights reserved.