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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

The Heritage Edition is a fine art edition of the original Saint John’s Bible. Created under the direction of Donald Jackson, these limited editions are being shared in communities around the world. The purpose of The Scribe is to celebrate the creative and inspired ways The Saint John’s Bible ignites the spiritual imagination. If you would like to receive The Scribe by email, please click here.

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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program


September 20, 2023 Blog Article

Wondering what the Heritage Program is up to? Reference the list below to see where The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program is off to ignite spiritual imaginations next. Events with Heritage Program August 14-18, 2023: Parliament of the World’s Religions, Chicago, IL September 20, 2023:… Read More

To The Ends of The Earth

The Human Body’s Place Among Celestial Bodies: Wisdom from Astronaut Mark Vande Hei’s Trip to the International Space Station with The Saint John’s Bible Illumination

September 19, 2023 Blog Article

International Space Station, 248 miles above Earth’s surface – Far away from the familiar green, gold and brown hues of Mother Earth’s palm, astronaut Mark Vande Hei lays in a near-fetal position with his knees pressed to his chest. He is a co-pilot on a small, Russian spacecraft… Read More

Illumination from The Saint John’s Bible, titled “To the Ends of the Earth”

Maureen Briare Composes a Cosmic Hymn for the University of Portland

September 18, 2023 Blog Article

Portland, Oregon – People often experience art and faith in similar ways. Both ignite a sense of spiritual awareness and creativity within oneself. The Saint John’s Bible is no exception, inviting seekers to explore faith from a new perspective.   One illumination from… Read More