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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

The Heritage Edition is a fine art edition of the original Saint John’s Bible. Created under the direction of Donald Jackson, these limited editions are being shared in communities around the world. The purpose of The Scribe is to celebrate the creative and inspired ways The Saint John’s Bible ignites the spiritual imagination. If you would like to receive The Scribe by email, please click here.

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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

Hope, Handel, and The Saint John’s Bible

November 30, 2022 Blog Article

Advent Greetings, “For unto us a child is born…” What comes to mind when you read these words from the Prophet Isaiah?  There are many possibilities… Perhaps you are among the minority of Christians who attend worship on Christmas Day, when Isaiah 9:2-7 is… Read More

It’s Not a Book Until It’s Bound

November 17, 2022 Blog Article

Whoever said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover…” never met the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, or the amazing people who bind this rare and wonderful work of sacred art. The binding, case, and box of the Heritage Edition are nothing short of a masterpiece—handmade with love… Read More

Jazz & The Saint John’s Bible

October 25, 2022 Blog Article

On a Monday night in October during midterms, the University of Portland came alive with the sound of jazz. Over 100 students, faculty, and staff gathered to and hear musicians perform their original compositions inspired by The Saint John’s Bible illuminations. “I think a few people were kind of surprised… Read More