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St. Luke’s Video Celebrates Profound Experiences during A Year With The Saint John’s Bible

Parishioners, lay leaders and clergy share the power of The Saint John’s Bible

Posted November 18, 2021 in Religious Institutions

In this engaging video, St. Luke’s Parish in Darien, Connecticut, celebrates their profound experience during A Year With The Saint John’s Bible program.

“It was so exciting to proclaim that living word from that enormous, beautiful, collaborative, ancient and modern piece of art,” said Rev. Susan Wyper, Associate Rector at St. Luke’s. “It’s just this beautiful interweaving of people.”

A prayer to bless the Bible during Pentecost worship was later scribed with reproductions of Illuminations from Gospels and Acts.

As their time with the program came to an end in May 2021, St. Luke’s produced a video to capture celebrations during the farewell weekend to keep their experience alive and open the door to the possibility of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition returning.

Parishioners, lay leaders and clergy shared their thoughtful insights as well as how they will miss the very presence of The Saint John’s Bible. St. Luke’s is keeping these experiences part of parish life and conversations through daily morning prayer in the chapel. The scribed prayer from the Pentecost worship will be framed and hung in the church to serve as inspiration.

“It gets you to a place of wonder and awe,” shared Rev. Ryan Fleenor, Rector. “I think so many of us have a dream of seeing The Saint John’s Bible return to St. Luke’s and become a part of our life here more permanently.”

Are you interested in discovering more about A Year With The Saint John’s Bible? Rev. Dr. John F. Ross, Executive Director, The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program can be reached by email or at (320) 363-3209 for a conversation.