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Christ’s Body in The Saint John’s Bible

Susan Sink to present free online reflection on March 17

How do contemporary Christians understand Jesus’ resurrection? What is the nature of Jesus’ appearances to his disciples after the crucifixion and resurrection, and what do these appearances mean? Also, is Jesus coming back? If so, will he come back in a historical body?

In her book Jesus Risen in our Midst: Essays on the Resurrection of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel, Scripture scholar Sandra M. Schneiders considers such thorny questions from the perspective of John’s gospel. What does it mean that Jesus had a body, in terms of the incarnation, the resurrection, and the kingdom of God? What was Jesus’ purpose in coming, and how is that purpose fulfilled in Jesus’ relationship to the disciples, then and now?

When asked to develop presentations using The Saint John’s Bible to “illuminate” Sandra Schneiders’ ideas on resurrection in the gospel of John, Susan Sink was amazed to see how closely the illuminations in The Saint John’s Bible mirrored Schneiders’ reading not just of John but the synoptic gospels and Revelation. This presentation—sponsored by the Collegeville Institute—will use the illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible to reflect on Schneiders’ ideas.

This free online reflection—sponsored by the Collegeville Institute—is scheduled for Wednesday, March 17, at noon central.  Click here to register.

Susan Sink is the author of Art of The Saint John’s Bible. She has spoken on The Saint John’s Bible, exploring the illuminations with congregations, art agencies, healthcare groups and colleges. She is on staff of the Collegeville Institute, where she is an editorial associate and the poetry editor of Bearings Online. This talk is based on a series of presentations Susan gave at St. Mary’s College in South Bend, Indiana, with Sandra Schneiders, during the summer of 2016.