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A Personal Christmas Greeting from Donald Jackson, Artistic Director of The Saint John’s Bible

From his home in Wales, Jackson reflects on the written word

Posted December 13, 2019 in Religious Institutions
Donald Jackson at his home studio in Wales in 2019.

Every year, Donald Jackson receives letters and cards from admirers – many from children – thanking him for the years of work it took to create this monumental Bible. Donald reads every single one. “It’s so refreshing to learn … how The Saint John’s Bible has actually touched their lives,” Donald says.

In this special Christmas greeting, Donald reflects on how the written word transcends time (whether it be a card from a parent or manuscript from hundreds of years ago) to make you feel the presence of the writer.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Donald Jackson for welcoming us into his studio for this greeting. We also thank videographer Carles Riba for his part in its creation.