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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

The Heritage Edition is a fine art edition of the original Saint John’s Bible. Created under the direction of Donald Jackson, these limited editions are being shared in communities around the world. The purpose of The Scribe is to celebrate the creative and inspired ways The Saint John’s Bible ignites the spiritual imagination. If you would like to receive biweekly updates, please subscribe below.

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The Official Blog of The Saint John's Bible Heritage Program

The Saint John’s Bible Forwards the Christian Mission and Research Initiatives of Baylor University

January 23, 2020 Blog Article

At some institutions, decision-makers think long and hard about where The Saint John’s Bible fits. What audiences want to see it? How do they want to use it? How do you even tell them where it is? Baylor University in Waco, Texas, has been letting the community decide. “Our goal… Read More

Donald Jackson at his home studio in Wales in 2019.

A Personal Christmas Greeting from Donald Jackson, Artistic Director of The Saint John’s Bible

December 13, 2019 Blog Article

Every year, Donald Jackson receives letters and cards from admirers – many from children – thanking him for the years of work it took to create this monumental Bible. Donald reads every single one. “It’s so refreshing to learn … how The Saint John’s Bible has actually touched their lives,” he says. Read More

Joslyn Art Museum Brings Original Folios of The Saint John’s Bible Back to Its Community

December 5, 2019 Blog Article

Hosting original, handcrafted folios from The Saint John’s Bible is a luxury few places have enjoyed. The number of institutions that have done so twice is even smaller. Joslyn Art Museum is one of them, and The Saint John's Bible keeps visitors coming back "again and again." ... Read More