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Leaving a Legacy That Lasts: How to Gift a Heritage Edition

Imbued with meaning and bound to last centuries, a Heritage or Apostles Edition of The Saint John’s Bible is an unmatched gift of beauty and utility to any institution dear to you and your family.

Posted December 10, 2023 in Religious Institutions

Printed on cotton, hand-bound in Italian calfskin leather, and limited to just 299 seven-volume sets, The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition is a rare masterwork, possessed of the same breathtaking power to ignite the spiritual imagination as the original manuscript, which was completed over an 11-year period. 

The Saint John's Bible open to a double page illumination
Photo: One volume of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition lays open.

Thoughtfully crafted with materials that will stand the test of time, The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition is sure to be passed down through the generations as a powerful, enduring symbol of one’s generosity, goodwill, love of community, and faith.  

“In the realm of charitable giving that includes the option to name the benefactor, there are few that have a longer potential for impact than a Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible,” said Executive Director of the Heritage Program, Rev. Dr. John F. Ross. “Most, if not all, of the buildings associated with today’s churches and universities will very likely be replaced or gone 150 years from now, but the Heritage Edition is printed and bound to last more than 1,000 years.” 

As of December 2023, the Heritage Program has placed more than 170 Heritage Editions in institutions across the world. Only 299 Heritage Editions exist, which means there are less than 130 remaining. Of the 12 incredibly rare Apostles Editions, now only six remain for acquisition. For those who would like to gift this extraordinary work of sacred art, the time is now.  

The Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury and Abbot John Klassen, Abbot of St John’s Abbey sign the dedication page at an event to burnish a volume in the Crypt at Lambeth Palace as a copy of The Apostles Edition of The St John’s Bible is presented to Lambeth Palace Library, The National Library and Archive of The Church of England through the generosity of the Catharine Elizabeth Laney Trust in memory of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. St John’s College is in Minnesota, USA. Photo: Neil Turner for Lambeth Palace. November 2023

We invite you to explore these ways that you can gift a Heritage or Apostles Edition of The Saint John’s Bible to an institution that is close to your heart:  

Option One: Personal Acquisition 

“Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a positive and pronounced development in the ways that people acquire a Heritage Edition,” said Ross. “Increasingly, we see individuals purchasing a Heritage Edition for their own private enjoyment for a few years before they donate it to their preferred church, university, or other nonprofit institution.” 

Photo: A family stands by one Heritage Edition volume in their home.
Photo: A family stands by one Heritage Edition volume in their home.

Perhaps the most straightforward means of acquiring a Heritage Edition, this method involves purchasing a Heritage Edition for oneself to enjoy with friends and family with the full intention of gifting it to an institution of their choice after a few years.   

Donors should keep in mind that local sales tax may apply if they decide to acquire a Heritage Edition in this manner. However, many qualifying non-profit or religious institutions will provide a receipt for an in-kind gift at the time of donation, which may qualify as a tax-deduction.  (Please confer with your own tax advisor.) 

Option Two: Donate to a Nonprofit Organization of Your Choice via a Tax-Deductible Gift 

Another popular means of donating a Heritage Edition is to do so in the form of a designated, tax-deductible gift directly to the intended institution. Similarly, a donor can gift a Heritage Edition through a tax-deductible gift to Saint John’s University. This requires a non-binding agreement between the donor and the University.  

Option Three: Use Your Trust or Estate to Designate a Heritage Edition to a Qualified Nonprofit of Your Choice 

Explore gifting a Heritage Edition via a charitable contribution deduction for trusts and estates or through the increasingly popular source of a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Consider a religious institution, university, or medical center that has had a positive impact on your life that you would like to give back to.    

Photo: A seeker experiences one Heritage Edition volume from the comfort of a family’s home.

What do you get with the acquisition of a Heritage Edition? 

Included with the seven-volume Heritage Edition set are the following items:  

  • Two-day “Deep Dive” experience on the Saint John’s University and Abbey campus in Collegeville, Minnesota, with members of the Bible team. All meals, lodging and programming are included. Travel to and from campus is not included. 
  • Training workshop conducted on-site at a location of your choice.  
  • Launch event or large public lecture on-site at your location.  
  • One zipper nylon carrying case for the volumes. 
  • Wooden tabletop cradle for displaying the volumes. 
  • Full complement of published books related to The Saint John’s Bible. 
  • Access to all the digital and photographic images of the volumes and the illuminations.  

The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Edition: A Gift of Biblical Proportions 

 Members of the Heritage Program team stand ready to discuss your unique goals with you at any time,” said Ross. “I distinctly remember one family, who generously gifted a Heritage Edition to my church. Of the many ways they have supported their church, they said, none have been so meaningful as gifting a Heritage Edition, knowing that scripture will remain at the center of their community.” 

We invite you to contact our office at Saint John’s University to arrange a personal introduction to learn how these beautiful works of art can be enjoyed in your community now and for generations to come. We are pleased to come to you wherever you are. 

Contact the Heritage Program: 

Phone: 320.363.3209