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The Saint John’s Bible Goes Home: Introducing the 25th Anniversary Dedication Tour

From November 4th to 11th, 2023, The Saint John’s Bible team will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the commissioning of The Saint John’s Bible by undergoing a pilgrimage through some of the most prominent Anglican institutions in the United Kingdom.

Posted May 7, 2023 in Education, Religious Institutions
From left to right - Mabel Jackson, Donald Jackson, and Reverend John Ross stand before the Canterbury Cathedral.

England, United Kingdom – In honor of the 25th anniversary of the commissioning of The Saint John’s Bible, the Heritage Program is announcing a pilgrimage through some of the most renowned Anglican institutions across England. It is only appropriate that the tour takes place in the United Kingdom, given the original manuscript was primarily crafted at Artistic Director and Principal Illuminator of The Saint John’s Bible, Donald Jackson’s scriptorium in Monmouth, Wales. In many ways, The Saint John’s Bible is coming home.  

With stops in historic locations such as Lambeth Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, and Sarum College, this event will be nothing short of profound. Spectators to the presentations of The Saint John’s Bible will witness the installation of sacred art to the historical canon of religious works in each location. It is one of those rare moments in history that all will be glad to have born witness to.  

“The Dedication Tour is a multi-stop celebration of biblical proportions in the creative birthplace of The Saint John’s Bible. The ecumenical importance and the religious significance of this gesture – a sacred piece of art being presented from a Benedictine Abbey in the United States to a list of cathedrals in the Anglican communion – is a profound act of unity and respect,” said Reverend Dr. John F. Ross, Executive Director of The Saint John’s Bible Heritage Program. “Especially in this day and age where division and conflict seem so prevalent, this is a global gesture of appreciation.” 

On the tour, the entire team that worked to create The Saint John’s Bible, which includes some of the most respected calligraphers, scribes, and artists in the world, will gather to celebrate the anniversary. “It might be one of the last chances to get everyone all together on British soil in the place where this work of art was principally created,” said Ross.  

The versions of The Saint John’s Bible that will be presented on the tour will include the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible and the Apostle’s Edition. Bound in Italian leather and printed on 100 percent cotton paper, the Heritage Edition features the exquisite calligraphy, vibrant imagery and stunning gold and silver illuminations inspired by the original. There are only 299 Heritage Editions of The Saint John’s Bible in existence.  

The Saint John’s Bible Apostle’s Edition, of which there are only 12 in the world, consists of seven volumes. It features a custom dedication page in the Pentateuch volume, a deluxe viewing display and cabinet, original artwork by one of The Saint John’s Bible illuminators, and the donation of a seven-volume Heritage Edition to a qualified nonprofit institution. 

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