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Online Resources on The Saint John’s Bible

Browse this collection for insights on Benedictine life, the creation of the Bible, and more

Posted April 8, 2020 in Religious Institutions

The Saint John’s Bible team at Saint John’s University has the honor of working with a large community of churches, universities, hospitals and families around the world. One of our partners recently asked us for a comprehensive list of online resources, which they could in turn offer their community. We thought this was such a good idea that we’ve compiled this list to share with all of you.

We hope you enjoy this collection and share it with others who may have interest in The Saint John’s Bible.

Benedictine Resources

 Saint John’s Abbey and University is home to The Saint John’s Bible — fitting because many of the most beautiful illuminated medieval Bibles were created by Benedictine monks. It is part of our heritage. Below are some online resources our community offers:

Fr. Don Talmous, OSB

Fr. Don’s Reflection: Fr. Don Talmous, OSB, has a large following of long-time subscribers who read his reflections each day. You are invited to subscribe.

A Monk’s Chronicle: Fr. Eric Hollas, OSB, has been a spokesperson for The Saint John’s Bible since the project began in 1998. His weekly blog provides a Benedictine perspective on life.

Benedictine Institute’s “Listen …”: The Benedictine Institute’s mission is to strengthen and articulate our Benedictine character. “Listen” is the very first word in the Rule of Saint Benedict. Three times per week, “Listen …” emails a very simple message to help us keep focused on those things in life that provide meaning.


The Saint John’s Bible


The video from Salt and Light Media features a look at the Bible on display

In the Beginning …: While this video is a bit dated, it does a wonderful job of introducing you to Donald Jackson, Saint John’s Abbey and University, and the story of how the project began.

The Calligrapher: This is another great introduction to Donald Jackson and his home in Wales.

From Inspiration to Illumination: Tim Ternes, director of The Saint John’s Bible, gave a presentation to an audience at the Library of Congress in 2016, not long after the Library received its Apostles Edition.

Salt and Light Media: Salt and Light Media visited Saint John’s campus a few years back and produced a wonderful series of interviews with Fr. Michael Patella, Dr. Barb Sutton and Tim Ternes.

Hear From the Artists: From Donald Jackson’s scriptorium in Wales, you can hear directly from the artists who made The Saint John’s Bible possible.

Hear From the Scholars: From Saint John’s in Collegeville, here is a perspective from the scholars and project managers who worked with Donald Jackson.

Committee on Illumination and Text (CIT) Briefs: Get a glimpse of the CIT discussion and sketch conversations for six different illuminations. You’ll gain insight into how the CIT and artists went from Word to image.

Journey With The Saint John’s Bible: The McGrath Institute for Church Life at University of Notre Dame produced Journey with The Saint John’s Bible. This free online course addresses the role of art in Christian life, the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, and unpacks several illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible along with the Scripture passages they depict.


The Heritage Edition

Unveiling the Bible at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center

PBS Off 90 – Austin Public Library: The Heritage Edition is the primary way we bring The Saint John’s Bible to the world. Here is the story of how one small town library is sharing the Bible.

Diocese of Hamilton: At the Diocese of Hamilton, it is all about outreach with the Heritage Edition. In a typical year, the Heritage Edition visits over 200 locations in its Ontario, Canada community.

Illuminated Encounters: During a visit to University of Wisconsin, Jim Triggs provides a background on The Saint John’s Bible and presents 10 encounters which speak to the mission of the project.

The Heritage Edition at St. Alphonsus Regional Medical Center: The connection between hope, healing and the arts is brought home in this beautiful Christmas story of the Bible arriving at St. Alphonsus.

A Docent’s Perspective on the Heritage Edition: Here is a wonderful take on the Heritage Edition in the words of a volunteer at St. Alphonsus.


Seeing the Word

The University of Portland’s Visio Divina

 Seeing the Word Site: Lectio divina—divine reading—is a contemplative approach to reading scripture. Seeing the Word adds the visual element through the illuminations in The Saint John’s Bible.

Liturgical Press: Liturgical Press provides printed resources on The Saint John’s Bible, including books, prints, and other media.

Visio Divina: The Crucifixion from University of Portland: A 15-minute contemplative prayer experience of St. Luke’s account of the Crucifixion, quiet harp music by Maureen Briare, and Donald Jackson’s Crucifixion illumination from The Saint John’s Bible.