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How Does A Year With The Saint John’s Bible Work?

A year of discovery and illumination with the Heritage Edition

The Saint John's Bible - The Genealogy of Jesus

Many stories on this blog have featured communities participating in the Year with The Saint John’s Bible program. But how does this program actually work, and what do host communities gain from it? Saint John’s University has recently published new details about this unique program and the opportunities it offers for faith communities, healthcare organizations, universities and more.

A Year With The Saint John’s Bible is a fulfillment of the promise of the original The Saint John’s Bible project: to share the Word of God in a new way with as many people as possible. The program is specially designed to allow groups to discover how the Heritage Edition fits in their communities prior to making a full acquisition.

What’s Included in A Year With The Saint John’s Bible?

The Heritage Edition at Dunham Bible Museum – The Saint John's Bible
Tim Ternes, Director of The Saint John’s Bible at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library, presents to an audience at Houston Baptist University during their Year with The Saint John’s Bible. Photo credit: Michael Tims/Houston Baptist University

The Bible itself, including 160+ illuminations, is the centerpiece of A Year With The Saint John’s Bible – but the program is so much more than that. In addition to enjoying the Gospels & Acts volume for a full year, participating organizations receive supplementary materials and support to help them make the most of their time with the Bible.

Expert Lecturers

The Heritage Edition is brought to life not only through its art, but through the stories we tell around it. That’s why each Year with The Saint John’s Bible partnership includes a lecture about the art and scripture of the Bible from the people who’ve studied it closely for years, as well as two workshops to help you plan your year and hit the ground running.

Literature and Image Rights

Also included are several essential works from leading authors with unique perspective on this monumental project. In addition, all Year with The Saint John’s Bible participants receive permission to adapt and republish images of all 160 major illuminations for promotions, media outreach, educational activities and more. Discover some of the creative ways participants have used art from The Saint John’s Bible to connect with their communities here.

Support from Saint John’s University

A Year with The Saint John's Bible Workshops at Saint John's University
Saint John’s University Campus, Collegeville, MN

Every Year with The Saint John’s Bible is different, and your programming should reflect that. Saint John’s University provides support every step of the way, including programming ideas, case studies and fundraising support, should you choose to pursue permanent acquisition.

Communities that welcome The Saint John’s Bible are forever changed, regardless of location, market or faith tradition. Find out how A Year With The Saint John’s Bible can leave a lasting impact on your community with our in-depth look at how it all works here.